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Our Vision

Through our citywide Digital Services Strategy, the City and County of San Francisco is igniting an effort to design services that are easy to use and accessible to all. The Public Voice is a platform service to help bring the public into the design process.



In San Francisco, we’re making a dramatic shift in how we design and deliver digital products and services to focus on our residents, visitors, and the businesses in the city we love.




Building new digital services is a chance to rethink an entire business process and include our residents and clients in the design and development process.




Through collaboration and continued discourse, the Public Voice will build community with residents, visitors, and businesses.


Focus on Inclusion

The Public Voice has three explicit focus areas to help us build a new model for digital service user interface testing, digital skills development, and community engagement.

digital first

Digital First

Focus on government services being redesigned as part of our citywide initiative to be “digital by default”.


accessibility compliance

Accessibility Compliance

Focus on accessibility for people with low digital literacy, non-native English speakers, and people with disabilities.


feedback loops

Feedback Loops

Create structural relationships and feedback loops with department digital product managers.


Our Model

The Public Voice model emphasizes three major elements.

community outreach

Community Outreach

Public Voice emphasizes going out into the community to residents to get feedback. Hosting testing sites at local community centers, libraries, or any communal gathering areas is an effort to make it even easier for residents to contribute. In addition, considering the unique character of San Francisco’s business community, Public Voice can provide a conduit for building stronger relationships between the technology sector and local government.


engage residents

Engage Residents

Public Voice organizers create a continuing conversation with residents by building a pool of participants interested in user-testing. This greater group of testers is built by providing a small incentive to join as well as an introduction to a City community. When products are ready to test then, a smaller group of relevant testers are drawn out to conduct the test. Again, an incentive is provided to compensate for the time spent providing feedback.


department outreach

Department Outreach

As part of the City’s UX/UI design services, the San Francisco Department of Technology will reach out to the departments regarding the user testing services that are available to them. The City’s UX/UI team in the San Francisco Department of Technology will provide departments with initial user testing consultation services and best practices in the enhancements of existing products and in the development of new digital products.



Cross-sector partnerships are a key element to the success of the Public Voice. We are proud to partner with strong and committed people to bring user testing to more City products and services. Public Voice San Francisco is a collaborative effort in San Francisco government by:


City of San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation
City of San Francisco Department of Technology
Committee on Information Technology
San Francisco Public Library



Public Voice San Francisco receives support from:

Civic Makers
Light House for the Blind